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Title: Wild hearts.
Author: </a></b></a>steviechicka
Pairing: Sean/Orlando very mild Dom/Lij
Rating: Nc-17
Beta: </a></b></a>slashxqueen
Warnings: Heavy violence, Heavy language, M/M, and monkey sex. :P
Chapters: 20
Summary: Orlando never asked for his dog to run away, to get bit by a stray, nor for any of the changes that followed. His whole world comes tumbling down when he discovers werewolves are not just legend, his dog was never a dog, he can never go back to what was and that there is a fine and dangerous line between love and Hate. What's a man to do when all he wants is to live as normal a life as possible and that becomes impossible. The last thing he should do is answer the call of the wild, the call of the moon and the call to passion he can see smoldering in Seans eyes.
Note: although it can be read without it is best to read it's prequal (Three chapters long) HERE First.
If you just can't wait to get started with this one you can find it HERE
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