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Caffeine (Monaboyd)

Title: Caffeine
Pairing: Monaboyd
Author: Phentalon
Rating: not quite R
Summary: Dom's on caffeine. Not PWP... just kinda... oh sod it just read ;)
Word Count: 1,400
Feedback: I loves it so!

“Wuzzanah?” A nearby TV had woken Billy, rather suddenly and loudly. The TV belonging to the room to his left. “DOM!” He got up, untangled his feet from the duvet, and stormed out of his room.

Dom whistled cheerfully, flicking channels with the remote, which dangled from the hand that dangled from the end of his bed. Then he lost interest in some cheesy cop chase, and rolled onto his back, plucking a cola bottle from the large bag of Haribo on the floor, and flicking it in the air. Apparently the bluish light of the TV was not sufficient for his throwing-food-in-the-air-and-catching-in-in-his-gob skills to really shine: It bounced of his nose, and promptly disappeared into the carpet.

“Damn.” He turned back onto his front to search, crushing the remote. This being what caused the volume to shoot up, making him jump out of his skin and off the bed, scrambling to lower it. He punched ‘mute’ just in time to hear a muffled yell, footsteps (angry ones) and a thud on his door. His first thought was ‘Oh shit I’ve woken some fifteen stone bruiser and I’m about to die!’ before he remembered that was Billy’s room.

“Sorry.” Dom made himself as small and meek as possible, standing in his doorway, faced with an irate (though silent) Billy. It was quite obvious enough without vocals. Sleep-bits were smudging his glare and he exhaled sharply from his nose. It was also evident that Dom’s don’t-hurt-me-I’m-ickle-and-innocent routine in no way washed with Billy.

“Oh shut up, ya mindless git.” Billy surveyed the room over Dom’s shoulder. “What in the name o’… Dom, what are yeh doing?” On the cabinet beside the bed, there were the two little mugs the hotel supplied, both used and empty. The sachets of coffee grounds were torn and piled beside them, as were the sugars. The milk remained untouched. There was a box of Malteasers and the bag of afore-mentioned chewies on the floor; both horribly empty for the sugar capacity you would expect of just one small guy.

“Couldn’t sleep.” Explained Dom, closing the door behind Billy as he entered.

“So ya thought sugar and coffee would help?” He asked, incredulous. Dom just shrugged.

“Meh. Sorry bout the noise by the way; sat on the flick-flack.”

“The what?”

“Remote, sorry. I just thought no sleep at all was better then a few measly hours.” Dom chucked himself down on the bed and turned the TV off, sucking them into blackness.

“You realise that’s the most crap logic ever, right? Billy clarified, making for the pull-cord of the lamp above the headboard, but Dom stopped him.

“Don’t. I like dark.”

“Oh.” Bill had always thought the exact opposite. He distinctly remembered Dom saying pitch black bothered him unless his eyes were shut, because then it was his dark. But Dom was positively radiating this odd mood he was in, so he let it go. Dom wriggled further away.

“Lie down.” Now Bill was starting to feel weird. He had always had vague suspicions about Dom and the direction in which he swung; sometimes distinctly wobbly ones. But then again, Bill thought, people had doubts about him and how ridiculous was that? He hadn’t had a devious thought about a guy since puberty, and that had only lasted about ten minutes.

But it was just Dom, so he did. “I always get a bit paranoid at this time of night, dunno why. Think it’s the caffeine. Makes everything sound louder.” As if on cue, a dog barked somewhere outside, and sure enough Dom jumped. Billy had a strange urge to give him a cuddle.

He squashed it without delay. What was wrong with him? Dom shivered.

“Cold?” Dom nodded, eyes shut. “Want the duvet?” To Bill’s surprise he shook his head, before snuzzling up to Billy and putting an arm over him. Billy sweatdropped.

It only got worse when Dom pushed one of his cold feet over one of Billy’s shins and tucked it under the other calf.

Billy lay stiff as a board while Dom nuzzled his face into his side. What the fuck was going on? Seriously! His brain was hurting from running round in circles in his head, before eventually falling over to throb quietly.

Dom turned innocent eyes up to look Bill right in the eye. That may not have been a routine, but it bloody well worked. Bill couldn’t stop himself reaching over and gently rubbing just shy of the corner of Dom’s eye, where tiny grin wrinkles were appearing.

Dom suddenly twisted his head sideways and caught Billy’s thumb gently between his teeth. Billy swallowed hard, feeling a brief twitch in his trousers as Dom licked his tongue over the tip of his thumb.

Billy’s ‘what the fuck?!’ meter went up several hundred-fold and he snatched his hand back. Dom looked at him silently, like an imp. His eyes seemed so much bigger then usual. Could be the caffeine.

But Dom, not the chemicals in his blood, was fully responsible for his next move; he rolled over, pushing one of his legs between Billy’s and lay on him, staring at him.

Billy looked determinedly at Dom’s left shoulder, to avoid having to look at his face. Why wasn’t he shoving him off? Why wasn’t Dom making some remark about Billy blushing and playfully punching him?

Billy thought about coughing, or anything to break this up, but couldn’t bring himself to. There was something more then over-caffeinated confusion going on in Dom’s eyes. There was something that looked akin to hope, but could have been wishing. Or it could have been neither and Billy had finally cracked. But when Dom brought his mouth down with his hot rushing breath and kissed Billy, that couldn’t be confused with anything. This was beyond strange. The normal version of himself was gently disentangling Dom, and asking him if there was anything he needed to talk about.

But it appeared that Billy was on a break, because in reality he was rubbing his hands over the rough denim that hung over Dom’s thighs, and under his vest top at the small of his back.

Bad idea…

He grunted slightly as Dom pressed his leg a little harder into his crotch, but at the same time increasing the space between Dom’s hovering torso and his, so he put a hand to his arse and back, pushing him down, until their bodies were pressed together and he could feel the heat of Dom’s skin.

Worse idea…

Then Dom slipped his tongue softly between Billy’s lips and there was a jolt in his groin, his cock hardening in his boxers. He was way past the point of stopping now, and the burning hot arousal was overriding the feeling of scared-shitless. So why not?

He scraped Dom’s shirt over his head, breaking the kiss for a second, the bed shifting as Dom switched hands to get his arms from the sleeves. Dom had pressed his mouth back to Billy’s even before he had tossed the shirt to the floor.

Then Dom’s thick denim was against his thin cotton and Billy’s head spun, Dom gasped and his fingers clenched in Billy’s hair. He tore Dom’s jeans open and found only bare skin beneath. He slid his hands round Dom’s warm hips, thumbs rubbing the taught dents that went down either side of his stomach to… Billy followed their path down with his eyes, ravaging him mentally.

He glanced up at Dom, and saw him blinking rapidly. “You ok?” His voice sounded harsh after the silence and dark, as it cut through their heavy breathing. When he stopped he could feel Dom’s hands shaking either side of him.

Billy moved from under him and allowed Dom to fall beside him. Dom had an excuse; he’d just been practically high. Now he’d come to his senses and what was Billy’s excuse?

“I…” Dom sounded a bit sick. “I think the caffeine’s catching up with me. Could we just…” And he wiggling over and nuzzled into Billy, pulling the forgotten cover over them with a deep yawn.

Sighing in relief, Billy wrapped his arms around Dom, the last of the caffeine fading form his bloodstream, and they dropped off to sleep.


Their eyes met over their cups of coffee next morning as Dom took a sip, and both hid smirks inside their mugs.
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